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Security White Book addresses security leaks and breaches lacking traditional solutions. The book pitches a seminal view for effective security as a financial rather than technical effort. It is relevant to anyone responsible for personal privacy and institutional security for thousands or more users. Discover vulnerabilities not referenced by certification standards or fixed by commercial security software. Chapters include practical steps to secure social media (more than just Facebook) with a focus on the multicloud because phones and Internet connect to it in a reality as the engine for change. The book advises security for one, a few, or all the users in the cloud. It is a fast read despite its detail in 66+ chapters and 450+ pages of technical help supported by realistic leadership advice.

This book raises vulnerabilities not covered in security exam standards or common  tools. It is useful for novices and experts to extend practical security skills. It is relevant to anyone responsible for personal privacy, institutional security, and brand reputation in the shared affinity of partners and customers bound by mission-critical transactions. Specifically, the book includes material on privacy so you can protect you and your cohorts from the damages of Facebook and other social media sites and mashups.

Security White Book promotes a generic shelter for vulnerabilities, all the time, in any medium or computing platform, under the benefit and threat of the cloud. Since more and better security is needed to survive and thrive, this book shows how to detect and prevent vulnerabilities when commercial products breach their promises. It charts a view beyond the signature response to known threats whether endemic, systemic, or inherent as a security nightmare as this arms race explodes.

The book is a departure from traditional methods with its emphasis on solutions for continuity. The important transition to the Digital Age is the shift to intangible value which erodes the utility of commercial tools. As a major theme, this security by managerial finance insight outshines the typical technical tips and tricks no longer a security assurance. Learn how to protect the data crown jewels when time and location become intangible. As a result, practical security requires as much a financial skill as technical ones changing the focus from more to a priority with less often more and better. There is much to learn from Security White Book in a refreshing change.

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